Heat Seal Dies

With our engineered solutions, our heat seal dies are made with thermally stable materials that resist warping during the heating and cooling process. Heat expansion algorithms are applied to seal designs to ensure proper dimensions at temperature. All dies are designed to fit your existing production equipment!

Heat seal dies are made to order based on a customer’s specific requirements. Dies such as straight dies, doyen seal dies, shaped platen seal dies, angle seal dies, chevron seals, fitment seals, medical applications, shapes and 3D profiling can be designed for pouch machine applications. In addition, aluminum or steel substrate dies available for extreme temperature applications.

Our heat sealing equipment consists of constant thermal heat and impulse style seal technology with custom designed heat seal presses to fit your product needs. Ensuring the perfect seal every time!
We offer a variety of auxiliary replacement components such as heat controllers, solid stage relays, heaters and thermocouples.

Please contact us for custom dies.

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