Gloucester Parts

Add To Quote Image Name Description Machine Type
A10002133-001 Idler Bracket Adjuster Assembly Gloucester
A100022262-001 Inner race Gloucester
A10002255-001 Idler Stud Pulley (GEC 422/423 Separator) Gloucester
A10002256-001 Lower Shaft Pulley - (GEC 422/423 Seperator) Gloucester
A10002257-001 Corrugated Roll Gear - (GEC 422/423 Seperator) Gloucester
A10002258-001 Upper Shaft Gear - (GEC 422/423 Seperator) Gloucester
A10002259 Bearing Retainer..(Bag Seperator) Gloucester
A10002260-001 Idler Bearing Retainer Gloucester
A10002263-001 Adjusting Plate Key Gloucester
A10002265-001 Knob Adjusting Block Gloucester
A10002267-001 Center Support Block - (GEC 422/423 Seperator) Gloucester
A10002267-001B Center Support Block - Gec 422/423 (Brass) Gloucester
A10003541001 Sleeve Bearing - GEC 418 Gloucester
A10003544 Platen Adjusting Rod Gloucester
A1000503-001 Core Chuck Clamp Gloucester
A10005994-001 Rework Bushing SDS .625 Gloucester
A10011258001 Adj Rod Lock Collar Gloucester
A10011859001 Thermo Coupling Block Gloucester
A10021111001 Pump Head Rwk Gloucester
A10021212 Vicker's Pump..Model 418 Plate #2 Item 27 Gloucester
A10021212-001 Shuttle pump Gloucester
A10022778 Directional Valve for GEC 418 Gloucester
A10022779-001 Vicker's Valve Plate Gloucester
A100354401 Platent Adjustment Rod Gloucester
A10041833001 Poppet Valve - 418 Bag Machine Gloucester
A10080297-001 Turnbuckle 1/2" Nft Gloucester
A100802970001 Turnbuckle Head Connector - GEC 418 Gloucester
A10080298-002 Connecting Rod - 1/2" Nft Gloucester
A10080298002 Connecting Head Rod - 1/2" Gloucester
A10080382-001 Head Stud Engagement 1/2" - GEC 418 Gloucester
A10080408-001 Head Relief Valve Gloucester
A10080408001 Valve Plug (Re-Worked) Gloucester
A10112228 Slit Seal Knife - Small Gloucester
A400-049 GEC Rubber Tipped Aluminum Stripper Set w/ Holes for temps up to 500 degrees Gloucester
A400-049-HT GEC rubber tipped stripper set w/ holes - for temps up to 700 degrees Gloucester
A400-049-K Stripper Plate - Knurled (No Rubber) Gloucester
A400-049-S Springs for GEC Rubber Tipped Aluminum Stripper Set w/ Holes Gloucester
A400-049-SC GEC Perforating Blade Screw for Model 418 Gloucester
A400-049-SC-100 GEC Perforating Blade Screw for Model 418 - (100pack) Gloucester
A400-075-2 Stud Head Engagement (1/2) Gloucester
A400-120-4 Leveling Screw (118 Plate 1) Gloucester
A400-143 R.H. GEC Thermo Coupling Block, R.H. Gloucester
A418-004-1 Wear Pad - Right Side - 418 Bag Machine Gloucester
A418-004-2 Wear Pad - Left Side - 418 Bag Machine Gloucester
A418-027-001 Reversing Gear Gloucester
A418-028 Shaft Gloucester
A418-050 Piston, Shuttle (Plate 418-12) Gloucester
A418-067 Shaft Gloucester
A418-076-1 Shuttle 13" Gloucester
A418-088 Connector Hose Gloucester