Polystar Parts

Add to Quote Image Name Description Description Machine Type
3/4" Cam Follower 3/4" Cam Follower Roan
5/8" Cam Follower 5/8" Cam Follower Roan
620-023 Thrust Nut
BB-16-32-8 Bearing For Ps 4000 Lower Draw Roll Poly Star
BB-4-11-4 Bearing Poly Star
BMP-0454 Taper Lock Bushing Poly Star
BMP-05004 Bearing for 30" Upper Draw Roll - (Poly Star 5000, 5500, 8000) PolyStar
K-90097 Roan Module ODC5A Roan
Locator Arm Locator arm
PO-4-166 Sleeve (bushing) for 225
PS-00014 Opi Interface 7.0" Touch Screen W/ Adapt PolyStar / RoAn
PS-0017 Cam Follower 1" Eccentric Roan
PS-00369 Replacement brake parts
PS-00569 Wing Gussett Assembly PolyStar / RoAn
PS-0137 UseS-02071 Speed Wrench Roan
PS-0150 Capacitor Roan
PS-0168 41" Main Drive Shaft Roan
PS-0170 Sprocket w/ Bearing Roan
PS-0171 Tightener Arm Roan
PS-01764 Electric Eye (Sick) PolyStar / RoAn
PS-01764U Electric Eye - Used PolyStar / RoAn
PS-0179 BearingStAndOff Roan
PS-0193 Door IB Roan
PS-0219 Fan Roan
PS-0259 Center Support (2000) Roan
PS-03321 56" Water Stripper (Brass) for Air fingers PolyStar / RoAn
PS-0429 41" Stacking Wheel Shaft for PolyStar 2500 Roan
PS-0438 Bag Stop PolyStar / RoAn
PS-0464 56" Upper Finger Bar Roan
PS-0465 Finger Bar Block Roan
PS-0488 4 way Air Valve Withpilot Roan
PS-0491 Mac Valve Roan
PS-05012 Ib Cabinet 9016 Rh Machine PolyStar / RoAn
PS-05021 Locking lever block Locking lever block
PS-05029 Shaft Chuck Without Shaft / With Shaft PolyStar / RoAn
PS-05030 3" Air Shaft PolyStar / RoAn
PS-05032 Lower Blow Down Bracket PolyStar / RoAn
PS-05039 10" Armature Hub PolyStar / RoAn
PS-0504 Pulley Roan
PS-05040 10" Armature Plate PolyStar / RoAn
PS-05044 41" Split Sealing Roller PolyStar / RoAn
PS-05051 41" Upper Split Draw Roller for Roan 9400 PolyStar / RoAn
PS-05052 41" Lower Split Draw Roller for Roan 9400 PolyStar / RoAn
PS-0509 Gate elevation fork Roan
ps-0546 Air Cylinder PolyStar / RoAn
PS-0566 56" A-Frame for CenterFolder See S-04637 Roan
PS-05730-41 41" Cross Bank Assembly Roan
PS-0578 Gate Arm - Brush Holder Spacer PolyStar
PS-0613 Pulse Plug 3 Prong Roan
PS-0614 Unwind heavy Bracket Roan